Feel at home
at the Mayr Spa Hotel in the Allgäu


Arrive and relax! Feel at home in the cosy Spa Hotel Landhaus König. Enjoy our warm hospitality. We are here for you. True to our motto: Discover your radiance.

Anita König-Lienau. I am looking forward to your stay with us in the Mayr Spa Hotel in West Allgäu! The wellness hotel has been in my family for years and for the last ten of them it has been my pleasure to be the manager. It always makes me happy to see our guests rekindle their spark.


In Germany there is a saying: The customer is king! And at our hotel we want to treat our customers like royalty! We will do everything we can to help you find peace and tranquillity here, to make sure you feel well taken care of, to relieve your stress and lighten your load.

Individual nutrition and treatment plans will be created just for you, because in the small setting we offer, we can take a much closer look at your individual needs.


Our Mayr doctors and top therapists, as well as the entire kitchen team,


will take a personal approach towards you. We provide food of the highest quality, predominantly from certified organic, regional farms. Some of the healthy ingredients are even exclusively sourced by our 4-star Mayr Spa Hotel!

Modern facilities and a cosy atmosphere complement each other in a wonderful way. For example, after an e-bike tour through the breathtakingly beautiful, Allgäu countryside, back at the hotel you can rest and recover by the traditional, tiled wood-burning stove.


Relax and Recover

Our wellness package will inspire you! A pleasantly heated swimming pool in the style of the famous artist, Friedensreich  Hundertwasser, awaits you. You love a sauna? At the Spa Hotel König you can relax in our healthy bio-sauna. There is even a gondola with infrared light in the garden. Or you can submerge yourself in our new floating tub. Detox could hardly be more enjoyable. The Spa Hotel König also offers an in-house cosmetic studio with selected natural cosmetics and a hairdressing salon.


F.X. MAYR-Cure -


Anti-ageing: prevention of premature signs of ageing

Revitalization: to strengthen the immune system and activate your self-healing powers

Modern, contemporary fasting for weight regulation without yo-yo effect

Restoration of the acid-base balance

Release of new energy

Jump start for a healthier lifestyle

Genuine time out with attention given to well-being, exercise, relaxation and recovery


Gastro-intestinal problems
Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, hyperacidity, food intolerances, liver and gall bladder problems, metabolic disorders.

Internal diseases
Overweight, metabolic disorders of sugar, fat, liver and uric acid metabolism, diseases of the digestive system, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, immune deficiency and susceptibility to infections, malaise and fatigue, acne and other skin diseases, lymphedema.

Rheumatic complaints
Fibromyalgia, gout, lower back pain, tension, joint problems, spinal problems


Sleep disorders, restlessness, burnout (chronic exhaustion), migraine, tension headache
Skin problems
Acne, allergies, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis
Hormone balance
Hormonal balance - losing weight more effectively

Arthrosis and other joint diseases
Rheumatic diseases (not when symptoms are acute)




Give yourself the chance to recover, recharge and fast effectively at the SPA Hotel König:Draw new strength and come to rest! Discover your radiance. The 4 pillars of the modern F.X. Mayr cure

Rest: Relief of the digestive tract through abstinence from food.
Cleansing: purification and detoxification
Training: learning and training new eating and drinking habits
Substitution: administration of minerals, vitamins and trace elements